CJ's Adventures In Ponding

     Preface: We have discovered that a pond is never completed. It is blanketed in its own aura,
thrives on a life force of  its own, and amazingly it continually surprises you with
its constant changes, however subtle or impressive they may be.   joann 5/2001


Tourist Information   Admission: Free. 24/7 Please do not allow children throw rocks into the pond
or overfeed fish. We hope you have fun, and find your visit to be a delightful one. The Management




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Groundskeepers Comments: To all our world wide tourists,  We hope your visit to our backyard will  leave you with a greater appreciation for nature and how the many rewards of making a place for wildlife in your backyard will enhance your life.  Before we begin our tour, we would like to thank our daughter Thea  and our sons, Clifford and Glenn, who have always been our inspiration. Their dedication and enthusiasm and contribution helped to make our wildlife refuge possible.  And especially many thanks to our amazing backyard critters, who faithfuly provide us with endless hours of amusement.   Click below to begin your adventure...
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Dogpatch Creek is  2500 gallons and Chipmonk Creek is a 200 gallon biological pond. They are seperated
by an 18' dry river bed and flow back and forth via bottom drains and underground plumbing. 
                 DogPatch Creek is in front of deck--Chipmonk Creek is 18' away in upper right of photo
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